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We're NOT the IRS, but we do help people with IRS tax problems
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IRS Enforcement Action Explodes
IRS Wage & Bank Levies Up 37%,
Tax Liens Up 43%

Updated October 12, 2011

We've been telling you it was about to happen, so I'll tell you I told you so. Official statistics recently released by the Internal Revenue Service prove that enforcement action; levies, liens (technically not enforcement) is way, way up.

No matter what you look at, it's clear that the IRS is taking a very hard line approach to those who owe Federal taxes.

In the fiscal year which ended September 30, 2010, the IRS issued 3,606,818 levies on bank accounts, wages and accounts receivable. That's an increase of a gigantic 37% over 2008!

And filed Federal Tax Liens increased by 43% over the past two years to a whopping 1,096,376.

Seizures have been flat the past couple of years, primarily because the value of homes dropped so much that there wasn't enough equity to seize real estate.

The bottom line is that the handcuffs are off Revenue Officers and the Automated Collection System (ACS). When you receive certified mail of a Notice of Intent to Levy, you had better react by paying your taxes in full or hiring a LICENSED tax professional to represent you.

Meanwhile, we receive many calls from individuals and business owners with major tax problems who then procrastinate when it comes to hiring us and frankly, enough is enough. The biggest problem for most of our clients is gross procrastination. People, the time is up. If you owe delinquent taxes, the IRS is going after your assets right now. The gravy train is over. They're going after your bank account, your wages, your car and yeah, in some cases, even your home and business.

I've said it for 24 years and I'll say it again....IGNORING THE IRS IS THE WORST THING TO DO. I'm going to add a second statement to that. NOT HIRING TODAY IS THE SECOND WORST THING TO DO.
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We are NOT the IRS, but we do
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